17.05 — 20.06.2007One Man ShowEvgeny Chubarov

‘Immerse yourself within your Self, and then you’ll understand what a personal way of life is. Free your body and soul. Become artist in the most simple and natural way.’ — Evgeny Chubarov

A painter, sculptor, and enigmatic abstract artist, Evgeny Chubarov translates his emotions, moods and intellectual insights to a new unprecedented visual language. This inspiration led him in creating a visual iconography that thoroughly depicts both a contemporary world and the spiritual traditions of medieval art.

Chubarov’s paintings, covered in several layers of lineal ornamentation, are characterized by their great looseness in composition and dominated by lines. As with Pollock’s expressionist paintings, Chubarov’s abstract works at first seem indecipherable, as they follow the so-called All-Over principle that eliminates any emphasis on the center and afford the artist the opportunity to move freely across the large canvasses.

However, Chubarov’s technique is far from Pollock’s gestural abstraction or drip painting. His proficient mastery of all color spectrum, emphasized by the distinctive accents and powerful brushstrokes, brings his work into closer proximity to the confident expressionism by Joan Mitchell. The underlying verbalism and intuitive discipline of composition peculiar to Van Gogh’s abstract painting elevate Chubarov’s work from ‘casual’ abstraction to the level of intellectual expressionism.

In his work, Evgeny Chubarov has developed his own visual language, from figurative images and retreated to his inner freedom tied in with his spirituality. Greatly inspired by Byzantine, Russian, Armenian and Arabic art – the art of medieval icons, illuminated manuscripts, calligraphy and architecture – Chubarov always surrounded himself with illustrations of these masterpieces when working in his studio in Berlin. He declares that a true calling of an artist is being the medium that essentially brings these different worlds together as integral whole.

For more than four decades of his career Chubarov has studied a phenomenon of the Pure Abstraction – an intellectual abstraction in a new form where the line and its implementation gained a special meaning.

17.05 — 20.06.2007One Man ShowEvgeny Chubarov