Albert Oehlen

Untitled (Baum 72), 2016

Oil on canvas
250 × 250 cm

Albert Oehlen first began to work on the ’Baum’ (Trees) series over 20 years ago.

“They are more simple and more complicated now,” he says. “Qualities that I want to see brought together: delicacy and coarseness, color and vagueness, and, underlying them all, a base note of hysteria.”

In works from this series Albert Oehlen combines oppositions between sharp contours and blurs. Over areas of clean, solid color, he applies voracious sprays, drips, and muddy strokes, adds deep tones as reds or blues, further complicating his conflation of erasure and enhancement.

Albert Oehlen. Gagosian Gallery, London, UK. 5 February – 24 March 2016

Catalogue – Albert Oehlen. Gagosian Gallery, London, 2016

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