Christopher Wool

Untitled, 2003

Enamel inks on linen
274.2 × 183.2 cm

In 1997 Wool began a series of paintings in which he began to investigate the notion that the act of destruction could be just as valid as a means of artistic expression. Thus began a series of works in which Wool would lay down, cover, erase, hide and stain various screen-printed layers of paint onto a large canvas resulting in paintings that contained a permanent sense of instability.

“I define myself in my work by reducing the things I don’t want. It seems impossible to know when to say ‘yes’ but I know what I can say ‘no’ to.” – Christopher Wool

The complex technique that Wool uses encourages the viewer to reflect on the physical qualities of paint, reproduction and to be aware of painting procedures and the essential elements of the medium: form, line and colour.

It Happened Tomorrow. Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Lyon, France: 2004

Publications :
Christopher Wool. Valencia, Institut Valencia d’Art Modern, 2006. page 39
It Happened Tomorrow. Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Lyon, France, 2004. pp. 91 – 92


Christopher Wool