Damien Hirst

Beautiful Muruga Paranoia Intense Painting With Extra Inner Beauty, 2008

Household gloss on canvas
152.4 × 152.4 cm

Damien Hirst began his experiments with spin-art in 1992 at his studio in Brixton, London.

Whilst the chance spontaneity of the spin paintings stands in stark contrast to the formulaic spot series, both explore the idea of an imaginary mechanical painter. The results of the spins are controlled purely by the artist’s colour choices and the motion of the machine.

The spin paintings are characterised by the works’ elongated titles, which begin with ‘Beautiful’ and end in ‘painting’, and their bright colours. They are described by the artist as “childish … in the positive sense of the word”.

Damien Hirst, Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow, 31 March – 1 June, 2017
Mystifiers. NCCA, Moscow, 11.02.2016 – 13.03.2016

Mystifiers. NCCA, Moscow, 2016 pages 10-11, 35-37

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