Damien Hirst

Claustrophobia/Agoraphobia, 2008

Gas masks, glass, stainless steel and surgical instruments
Diptych 240 × 122,5 × 30,1 cm – each part
Overall installation 240 × 306.1 × 30.1 cm

Each: engraved with signature, title and date 2008 on the reverse

‘Claustrophobia/Agoraphobia’ (2008) by Damien Hirst is a continuing search through the blank spaces of human experience in preparation for a global cataclysm that hangs over humanity. In such conditions, each of us, on the one hand, is afraid of being isolated in a confined space (claustrophobia), and on the other hand, feels a threat from the outside world, trying to avoid a contact with society (agoraphobia).

Mystifiers. NCCA, Moscow, 11.02.2016 – 13.03.2016
Damien Hirst. Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow. Mar — Jun 2017

Mystifiers. NCCA, Moscow, 2016 pages 12, 15, 31-33

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