Frank Stella

The Duel E, 2001

Acrylic on canvas
485 × 466 cm

The ‘Duel E’, 2001 by Frank Stella is one of the works from artist’s “Heinrich van Kleist” series.

This massive painting is turbulent with contrasting techniques and forms, including grids, spirals, and loops. The work’s surface is flat only in fact—the dynamic jumble of forms that have been spray painted, stenciled, and computer projected onto the canvas appear vividly three-dimensional.

“What the best art does is give us the best of both worlds – the perceptual and the pictorial. I don’t mean this remark as a play of opposites, the perceptual versus the pictorial. I mean that it gives us the ability to make complicated and/or multiple perceptions effectively pictorial.” – Frank Stella

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