Joel-Peter Witkin

Still Life Mexico, 1992

Toned gelatine silver print
79.5 × 86.5 cm

“I’m a really happy person, but I think most people think I’m some sort of a monster. I’m intensely poetic, intensely sincere. I want to make a contribution to life and the quality of life, because I want to diminish evil and raise the possibility of goodness. I think that’s what every artist wants to do whether they’re totally conscious of that or not.” – Peter Witkin


Joel – Peter Witkin, Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow. Nov 2005 – Jan 2006
Mystifiers. NCCA, Moscow, Feb – Mar 2016


Joel – Peter Witkin. Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow, 2006. page 30
Mystifiers. NCCA, Moscow, 2016. page 95

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Joel-Peter Witkin