Lee Ufan

Dialogue, 2006

Oil on canvas
130 × 97 cm

“Dialogue is not a simple exchange of ideas; it is an encounter in which we transcend the boundaries of self and enter into a shared realm of experience.” – Lee Ufan

Beginning in 2006, the Dialogue series evolved from a discussion of time to a perception of wholeness and emptiness based on the artist’s profound philosophy – “all things change in various ways, everything exists as it is, as it exists.” Thus, to truly show this world, “we have to try and do nothing.”

Being in the prism of a very physical attitude toward his work, the artist holds his breath for a minute or two before exhaling to make the line as straight as possible. The hand, while exhaling, is directed by a movement related to an absence of thought. “The body reacts,” explains the artist. The brushstroke involves the whole canvas by delimiting a new space.


Lee Ufan, Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow. November 14, 2014 – March 23, 2015


Lee Ufan, Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow, 2015. pp. 15, 25, 29

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