Malcolm Morley

The Island of the Day Before Regained, 2013

Oil on linen
106,5 × 97 cm

The work by Malcolm Morley ’The Island of the Day Before Regained’ (2013) — a depiction of two German Messerschmitts going after an U.S. Army bomber that looks about to crash into a Man-O-War ship. The implication of no horizon indicate that we’re dive-bombing the central airplane and the beached sailing ship – both of which are seen from above.

Ship masts, airplane insignia, ocean waves, tiny flags — Morley loads difficulty on top of still more difficulty: “My eyes look at an object and translate it into what I call ‘painterliness,’ which is pre-imagining the object has already been painted in my mind. It’s a continuous rehearsal of looking at the world as if it’s made of paint.” – Malcolm Morley


Malcolm Morley