Mat Collishaw

The Nerve Rack, 2019

Acetal, acrylic, aluminium, brass, electric circuitry, paint, PVC, resin, servo motors, steel
195 × 116 × 66 cm

The Nerve Rack, 2019 was originally created for the former Ushaw Seminary in County Durham as a site-specific installation. A life-size mechanical figure of an eagle, it was installed in the chapel of St. Cuthbert’s Church opposite one of County Durham’s treasures, a lectern topped with a bronze sculpture of an eagle designed by the 19th century architect Augustus Pugin.
Contrasting the minimalism of the machine with the elegance of the bronze sculpture, the artist reflects on the power of suggestion and the ways of distorting information through visual images.

The Nerve Rack, Ushaw College, County Durham, Jul 5-Nov 3, 2019
Mat Collishaw. The Machine Zone. Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow. Feb 25-Jun 25, 2022
Mat Collishaw. The Machine Zone. Tatintsian Gallery, Dubai. Sep 27-Nov 3, 2022

Mat Collishaw. The Machine Zone. Gary Tatintsian Gallery, 2022. pp. 14, 39-51, Cover

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