Peter Halley

Real Time, 2008

Acrylic, Day-Glo acrylic, and Roll-a-Tex on canvas
191 × 202 × 10 cm

In 80s Peter Halley started to use a powdered paint additive Roll-a-Tex, used to create the “popcorn” textured interior wall treatments that were ubiquitous in newly built suburban condos of the time.

”Humor is my favorite creative strategy, especially the Roll-a-Tex. When I came back to New York in 1980, one could easily identify the work of one significant painter from another by its characteristic texture or use of materials or brushstrokes or whatever it is.” – Halley says. ”Where my paintings are flat, that is a coded image of space. When they’re coated with Roll-a-Tex, that implies a depiction of an enclosure or cell.”

Tatintsian Gallery Selected. Tatintsian Gallery, Dubai. 14 November–26 December 2022

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