Peter Saul

Prehistoric Women, 2011

Acrylic on canvas
198 × 229 cm

In Peter Saul’s works formal experimentation is never far removed from social commentary, and the broad scope of history painting is bound up with emotional responses to the specific day-to-day realities:

“In “Prehistoric Women,” the two women show a surprisingly modern attitude. First, they “muscled up,” did a lot of heavy exercising to develop the tremendous muscles needed to wield the stone axes they’re using to dispatch their unwanted husbands.” – Peter Saul


Peter Saul. Mary Boone Gallery, New York, NY, USA. 24.03–28.04.2012 
Peter Saul: Neptune and the Octopus Painter. Veneklasen Werner gallery, Berlin, Germany. 27.04–29.06.2013 
Peter Saul: Some Crazy Pictures. David Kordansky gallery, Los Angeles, USA. 2.05– 20.06.2015
Peter Saul: You Better Call Saul. Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow, Russia. 22.04–31.08.2016


Catalogue “Peter Saul. You Better Call Saul”. Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow, 2016 pp. 26-29

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