Peter Saul

Woman Drinking Martini, 2009

Acrylic on canvas
119 × 90 cm

“All my work can be professionally seen as the artistic contribution that should, and did come after + stem from Francis Bacon. This contribution was not accepted as a contribution because it was a time when people were only interested in the visual appearance of the over-all picture and unable to reflect on the “meaning” of the figurative elements. I got people to interpret my figures only thru dealing with topical subjects, and then mainly complaints like “how the hell am I supposed to appreciate your technique if you keep painting these exciting scenes that are hard to ignore.” – Peter Saul


Peter Saul. Praz-Delavallade gallery, Paris, 10.10. – 07.11.2009
Pretty on the Inside. Paul Kasmin gallery, New York. NY, USA. 23.06 – 17.09.2011
Far Out! Marlborough Chelsea, New York. NY, USA. 22.02 – 22.03.2014
Mystifiers. NCCA, Moscow, 12.02.2016 – 20.03.2016


Catalogue “Mystifiers”. NCCA, Moscow, 2016 pages 9, 13, 77
Catalogue “Peter Saul. You Better Call Saul”. Gary Tatintsian gallery, Moscow, 2016 page 79

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