Vik Muniz

Portrait of a boy in painted shirt, after Ilya Mashkov, 2007

The work is an appropriation of the painting made by Ilya Mashkov in 1909. Mashkov created portraits, infusing them with the emotionality of the Fauvist colors. He defined his style as “picturesque itself,” drawing inspiration from Russian folk art, particularly Zhostov’s painting on trays.

Chromogenic print mounted on aluminum
Small size: 160 × 122 cm
Large size: 241 × 180 cm
Edition: 6+4AP

Vik Muniz. Russian Project. Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow: Oct 2007 – Feb 2008
Vik Muniz. Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow. June – Oct 2018

Vik Muniz. Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow, 2007. pp. 161

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Vik Muniz