Vik Muniz

Lengiz!, after Rodchenko, 2007

Chromogenic print mounted on aluminum
Small size: 185 × 122 cm
Large size: 274 × 180 cm
Edition: 6+4AP

The work is an appropriations of the work by the Russian constructivism artist and photographer Alexander Rodchenko.

Lilia Brik was ‘the muse of the Russian avant-garde’ and a favourite model of many great photographers of those times. Rodchenko was introduced to her by the famous Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, who devoted almost all of his love lyrics to this woman, including his poem ‘Pro Eto’ (‘About That’). But it was her participation in the ‘Lengiz’ advertising poster by Alexander Rodchenko that made her a really widely known.


Dada Fest. NCCA. June 2016
Summa Summarum. NCCA. Jan–Feb 2010 (Small size)
Vik Muniz. Russian Project. Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow. Oct 2007–Feb 2008


Vik Muniz. Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow, 2007. p. 169

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