Willem de Kooning

Untitled, 1987

Oil on canvas
195,6 × 223,5 cm

Untitled, 1987 emphatically reveals Willem de Kooning as a mature artist working at the height of his creative powers. Here, the buoyant graceful lines of de Kooning’s abstract calligraphy are utterly sensual, and with his reduced and lyrical palette, nowhere is his grand ability as a colorist more poetically asserted than in these late masterpieces. The cascading lines describe a spatial openness and delicate balance that is freer and utterly confident as de Kooning literally draws on canvas in his purest fashion.

“I am becoming freer. I feel that I have found myself more in the sense that I have all my strength at my command. I think you can do miracles with what you have, if you accept it… I am more certain the way I use the paint and the brush.”


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Willem de Kooning