Peter Halley

‘Blocks’, installation view. The Ranch, Montauk, US
Courtesy of the artist and Gary Tatintsian Gallery.

Peter Halley

June 17 — July 17, 2021
The Ranch, Montauk, US

‘Blocks’ by Peter Halley, an inaugural show at The Ranch, features eight new paintings created from 2015 to 2021 and inspired by the artist’s interest in Hans Hofmann’s late-period experiments with color and geometry.

Separated by generations, Hofmann sought a direct connection to the infinite, while Halley is looking at the mediated world. Both share an interest in making color work on the viewer, often through “garish” hues and keys.

“It is my belief that, as our cognitive becomes more and more two-dimensional as a result of computers and other technology, color plays an ever more central role in coding this two-dimensional world.” – Peter Halley

The Ranch