Keiichi Tanaami

‘Tanaami!! Akatsuka!! That‘s all Right!!’, exhibition view. © Parco Museum and the artist.

Keiichi Tanaami
Tanaami!! Akatsuka!! That‘s all Right!!

January 21 – February 13, 2023
Parco Museum, Tokyo

This exhibition is a special collaboration born from Keiichi Tanaami’s continuous creative efforts inspired by the works of Japanese manga artist Fujio Akatsuka, with whom he had a long and lasting friendship. Tanaami and Fujio Akatsuka are narrowly yet perpetually connected to one another through Tanaami’s hidden respect for Akatsuka.

For this exhibition, artist created a diverse array of new works ranging from painting, collage, neons, and installations which, with the cooperation of Rieko Akatsuka, feature original drawings from Fujio Akatsuka’s masterpieces such as Himitsu no Akko-chan (The Secrets of Akko-chan) and Tensai Bakabon (Genius Bakabon) as their motif.

Parco Museum