Джордж Кондо

Reclining Woman in Field, 2008

Oil on canvas
190,5 × 215,9 cm

“People might say that one of my paintings looks like Guston meets Monet in a Picasso format in Cezanne’s world, but ultimately, I consider it to be just about the knowledge of painting. You want to reach a point where your work is the sum total of everything that ever happened before you. That’s basically my goal, that my art would be the sum total of every other form of art in the universe. ”
– George Condo

Emerging out of the dynamism of the early 1980s New York art scene, Condo developed a unique and provocative painting style, with his self-styled “fake old masters” borrowing the virtuoso draftsmanship and paint handling of the Old Masters to depict the fantastical subjects of Condo’s imagination.

Fusing together fragments of art history, Condo’s paintings forthrightly marry elements of the sensational and the shocking, galvanizing a mental shock that disconnects the grasps of reality on human perception.


George Condo: Artificial Realism. Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow: May – Aug 2008


Catalogue “George Condo: Artificial Realism”, Gary Tatintsian Gallery, 2008, page 19

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Джордж Кондо