02.03 — 20.04.2007Hunky DoryGroup ShowJonathan Meese
Peter Doig
Christopher Wool
Chris Ofili
Cecily Brown
Daniel Richter
Tal R
Dash Snow
Georg Baselitz
Norbert Schwontkowski

On March 2, 2007 Gary Tatintsian Gallery will present to the public and other participants of the 2nd Moscow Biennale a unique exhibition project developed in collaboration with Contemporary Fine Arts (CFA) of Berlin. The project has been planned to premiere during the Biennale to mark the significance of this opportunity for cultural exposure.

CFA’s active participation reveals a strong interest that curators and artists share in developing the artistic and exhibition processes in Russia, and confirms their optimistic evaluation of the growth potential in the future. At the core of the project are works by nine contemporary artists, who gained world recognition as much for their participation in prestigious exhibitions, as for the unyielding demand for their art and its presence in the collections of major museums and esteemed private collections.

This ‘star studded’ team includes Georg Baselitz (German, 1938), Peter Doig (British, 1959), Chris Ofili (British, 1968), Daniel Richter (German, 1962), Jonathan Meese (German, 1970), Tal R (Danish, 1967), Cecily Brown (British, 1969), Norbert Schwontkovski (German, 1949) and Christopher Wool (American, 1955).

It would seem almost impossible to assemble such an outstanding group in one place simultaneously. The key factor that sets this show apart from other group exhibitions, is that this show is a complete curatorial project comprised of artists who have established new directions in art and already inspired a generation of upcoming artists. By now many of these artists are considered classics of contemporary art, and their solo exhibitions have been organized by the world’s most reputable museums, yet most have never shown in Moscow.

Even the youngest of the group, Jonathon Meese, Tal R, and Cecily Brown have already staked out their very strong presence on the international art territory. It is a pleasure to note that they have caught the attention of Moscow galleries. Regina Gallery had put on a solo show for Jonathon Meese in 2005, and Tal R had his Moscow premiere at the Gary Tatintsian Gallery in early 2006. Each of these artists has his own story to tell, and a recognizable, unique approach, whether they work in an abstract or figurative manner. By and large, these artists find the conventional boundaries of a single genre too constricting and they successfully integrate both painting and sculpture.

We hope that this project at Gary Tatintsian Gallery will be one of most significant events at this year’s Biennale and the public’s acquaintance with these highly influential artists will have a positive and lasting effect on the formation of a contemporary art consciousness in Russia. It will be a great pleasure to engage Russia, which has a long history of collecting Western art, and make it an active participant in the international art scene again.