22.06 — 06.08.2007One Man ShowAndré Butzer

A. Butzer is an outstanding representative of contemporary German expressionism. He has been painting since 1994.

In 1997 he was among those painters who established Academy “Isotrop” (Hamburg), a student self-educational community. In 2001 Butzer founded “Institut für SDI-Traumforschung”.

He is also a co-editor of the “Isotrops” journal. It is from the experience of collective painting practices where Andre Butzer deduces his painting system.

He was engaged with post-non-objectivism of Albert Oehlen, a concept that stands for ‘renewal’ of abstract art. In his illustrated visions Butzer blends both trivial and historically important references.

He shows his self-invented characters as synonyms of those who virtually inhabited this or that historical epoch. Andre Butzer has already managed to show the pieces of his own in numerous galleries and museums all over Europe.

The artist is expected to visit the opening event as well as Max Hetzler and Guido Baudach, well-known German gallerists.

22.06 — 06.08.2007One Man ShowAndré Butzer