Malcolm Morley

Malcolm Morley (1931, London, UK — 2018, New York, USA).

“For me, every brushstroke is an invention. Each painting is the first painting I ever made.”

Malcolm Morley is known for his continual pictorial innovations throughout the course of his fifty-year painting career.

Born in Britain, Morley moved to New York in 1958. In the mid 1960s, Morley briefly taught at Ohio State University, and then moved back to New York City, where he taught at SUNY Stony Brook and the School of Visual Arts.

He attended the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts in 1952-53 and the Royal College of Art from 1954 until 1957. In the mid 1960s, Morley briefly taught at Ohio State University, and then moved back to New York City, where he taught at SUNY Stony Brook from 1970 through 1974 and the School of Visual Arts.

In the early 1970s gestural touches began to break into Morley’s pictures and his motifs increasingly attested to violence and destruction.

By the early 1980s Malcolm Morley was established as a leading Neo-Expressionist. Towards the close of the 1980s, Morley returned to his early motif repertoire of ships and planes, which now figured in large-scale installations that were a combination of paintings and mobiles.

By the mid-1990s, he was using model planes from sets, which he represented in two dimensions but with an abstract tendency. His work often draws upon various sources in a process of cross-fertilization.

Over the course of his distinguished career, Morley defied stylistic characterization, moving by turns through so-called abstract, realist, neo-expressionist, and neo-romantic painterly modes, while being attentive to his own experiences. Working through these styles, Morley developed a method for linking theories of abstraction with a realistic pictorial subject in super-realism, a movement that he is credited with founding.

Malcolm Morley won the Turner Prize, London, in 1984 and has exhibited internationally throughout his career. The artist’s works were presented at numerous exhibitions in Europe and North America, including the Center Pompidou (Paris), The Museum of Contemporary Art (North Miami), Ashmolean Museum (Oxford) and many others.

Malcolm Morley

  • Malcolm Morley - Regatta

    Oil on linen
    133,3 x 182,9 cm
    Exhibitions: Disturbing Innocence, FLAG Art Foundation, New York, 25 October 2014 – 12 February 2015
    Malcolm Morley, Sperone Westwater Gallery, NY 16 April - 6 June 2015
    Malcolm Morley, Recent Paintings. Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, 16 May - 15 June 2013

  • Malcolm Morley - Texas Swing

    Texas Swing
    Oil on linen; 198,1 x 298,5 cm
    «Malcolm Morley», Sperone Westwater, New York, USA. 16 April – 20 June 2009
    «Exhibition of Work by Newly Elected Members and Recipients of Honors and Awards», American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York, 19 May – 12 June 2011
    «Malcolm Morley», Galerie Aveline Antiquaire, Paris. 22 October – 22 November 2013

  • Malcolm Morley - The Island of the Day Before Regained

    The Island of the Day Before Regained
    Oil on linen
    106,5 x 97 cm