Chris Ofili

Saint Lucian Blue Two, 2006

Leather on cardboard
278 × 200 cm

The work by Chris Ofili ‘Saint Lucian Blue Two’ is a part of a body of works created by the artist while he stayed at Trinidad island in 2005.

“I’ve found that the night and twilight here enhances the imagination. In the city, our relationship to the night is very particular because it’s always illuminated, but here it’s unlit, so you’re relying on the light of the moon and sensitivity of the eyes. It’s a different level of consciousness that is less familiar to me, and stimulating through a degree of fear and mystery.” – Chris Ofili.

This work is painted in hues of blue and white, referencing the early-twentieth century painting movement in Germany – “The Blue Rider”, which aspired to relate visual and musical sensibilities.

Hunky Dory, Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow: March – Apr ‘07

Hunky Dory, Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow, 2007, page 50-51

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Chris Ofili

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