Chuck Close

Leslie, 2007

Oil on linen
182,9 × 152,4 cm

“A face is a road map of someone’s life. Without any need to amplify that or draw attention to it, there’s a great deal that’s communicated about who this person is and what their life experiences have been.” — Chuck Close

Leslie, 2007, stands out as an exceptional and deeply personal portrait of artist’s former wife, Leslie Rose. Unfolding in a spectrum of gray tones this monumental painting mirrors the aesthetics of black-and-white photography. Meticulously crafted grids composed of interlocking abstract figures manifest Close’s legendary approach.

Poised on the cusp of sharpening into photographic focus and dissolving into abstraction, the artwork conspires to draw the viewer into an intimate communion with the subject, fostering a lasting and captivating interchange.


Chuck Close: Family and Others. White Cube, London, Oct–Nov 2007
Chuck Close: Seven Portraits. State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Feb–Apr 2008


Chuck Close: Family and Others, White Cube, London, 2007, pp. 18–19, 32, 37
Chuck Close: Seven Portraits, State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, 2008, pp. 10–11, 35

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