Cindy Sherman

Untitled #302, 1994

Color photograph
168.3 × 114.3 cm

In 1994, Cindy Sherman produced a series of photographs for the Japanese clothing company Comme des Garçons that break virtually every rule of fashion photography. Her photographs center on disjointed mannequins and bizarre characters, forcing the clothing itself into the background.

“I like making images that from a distance seem kind of seductive, colorful, luscious and engaging, and then you realize what you’re looking at is something totally opposite. It seems boring to me to pursue the typical idea of beauty, because that is the easiest and the most obvious way to see the world.” – Cindy Sherman


Inverted Odysseys, Grey Art Gallery, New York, 1999
Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan; Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, 1996
Cindy Sherman Monika Spruth Galerie, Koln, 1995


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Cindy Sherman

  • Cindy Sherman for Comme des Garçons. 1995.
    Direct mail art invite for the FW collection.