Mat Collishaw

The Centrifugal Soul, 2016

Acrylic, aluminium, steel, LED lights, motor, electronic circuitry, resin and paint
197 × 335 × 335 cm

The Centrifugal Soul – a large-scale zoetrope, was created in collaboration with renowned contemporary evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller.
A zoetrope is an elegant structure invented during the Victorian era, references to which invariably appear in Collishaw’s works. In the center of the zoetrope is a platform adorned with models of flowers and birds. Rotating at 60 rpm, the platform is illuminated with flashes of strobe light every second, creating the illusion of movement as the birds hover over the opening buds and perform mating dances with their bright plumage.
Birds are programmed by nature to perform these courtship rituals to breed and maintain the species. Technology companies have developed ways to capitalize on this natural instinct, encouraging us through social media and smartphones to constantly create and project an idealized version of ourselves, presenting ourselves to the outside world as the most successful and desirable.

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The End of Innocence. Sorigue Foundation, Lleida. Sep 20, 2019-Mar 28, 2021
The Machine Zone. Gary Tatintsian Gallery, Moscow. Feb 25-Jun 25, 2022
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